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Lifestyle Lets Plymouth


Lifestyle Lets Plymouth


Now in our 15th year of trading, we still like to think of ourselves as a young company aiming to provide excellent property management and letting agent services for landlords and their tenants.  We want you to have the best possible experience whether you are entrusting your property to us or renting from us.

We are largely 'family run', trading mainly on the internet and face to face with our clients.  We do not have the overheads of the larger corporates and group companies and this allows us to pass our efficiencies onto you by way of lower commission rates than many of our competitors.  Be assured that lower commission rates do NOT mean lower standards of service.

Our business aim is to grow our portolio with selected, quality properties rather than just taking on all or any properties offered to us.  By choosing what we manage in this way and keeping our volumes of managed property at sensible and profitable levels, you are assured of an effective and responsive service.